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Lah-Lah introduces kids to the wonderful world of music and musical instruments. 


Who is Lah-Lah?

Lah-Lah is a real live band for kids and their families from Sydney Australia. Fun, educational and best of all Lah-Lah creates amazing original music. Music is brain food for kids! And that’s what Lah-Lah is all about, introducing kids to the amazing world of music and musical instruments. We make incredible music that helps little brains grow. You see, music is the gift that just keeps on giving, it helps kid’s physical and emotional development… and well, it just makes them smarter, more well rounded and happy little humans. World, jazz, rock ‘n’ roll, this is the core of Lah-Lah’s unique sounds. Lah-Lah features great musical styles from all around the world . There’s no one out there as magical as Lah-Lah.

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Stripy Sock Club

The Stripy Sock Club Online is EVERYTHING Lah-Lah. TV shows, videos, live stream shows, sheet music and downloadable activities. Perfect for the classroom or fun musical activities at home. Over 120 videos! Best of all we post new Lah-Lah videos every month! Become a Lah-Lah VIP today and join the Stripy Sock Club Online here.


About our Music

A dancing double bass, a sneezing accordion and a saxophone that loves to go hiding? Lah-Lah’s music helps kids lean about fast and slow, stop and go, high and low and loud and soft. Entertaining, engaging and educational. Parents and teachers love Lah-Lah’s music as much as the kids! Follow us on Spotify

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Story behind

Lah-Lah was created to make music fun! Based around early childhood musical concepts but always, entertainment first! There’s Lola the Dancing Double Bass, Squeezy Sneezy the hyper allergic piano accordion, Tom Tom on Drums, Mister Saxophone who loves to go hiding, Buzz the Bandleader and the loveable lead singer Lah-Lah. Lah-Lah's music is inspired by world music, Jazz, rock and roll, pop and a touch of classical.

"I wanted to let you know how much Lah-Lah's Adventures captures my son's imagination. My son Lucas, who is nearly 3, acquired a saxophone from the glad wrap roll, an accordion that he made from folding a page out of my precious beautiful home magazine, chopsticks for his drumsticks and his ukulele is now fondly called Lola 😊 Thank you so much!"


"I'd just like to say thank you for your wonderful music and show. Both of my kids love watching you. My son has since taken a real interest in instruments also. He loves playing all kinds of instruments. I just wanted you all to know that your music and what you do, makes a difference. Thank you!"


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Find out the latest goings on with all things Lah-Lah at our blog, regularly updated by Lah-Lah herself.


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